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*Why hire me as your wedding planner?

     - I love all the details involved in planning a wedding; from helping you pick your venue, your flowers, helping you decide on your colors, to offering advice and guidance.  I want your wedding day to be memorable in a good way.  Why stress over the details when that's what I am good at.

*What type of planning and coordination do you offer?

     - There are three different packages I offer as well as some additional services.  Package 1 starts out with wedding day management.  This is when you know exactly what you want and have done most of the work.  I can jump in at any stage of the planning process and help you with those last minute details.  Package 2 is more hands on.  I start with you from the moment you get engaged and walk with you through the planning process.  This package is for the couple that hasn't really stated planning and may not even know where to begin.  And package 3 is for the busy couple that has so many things going on that planning a wedding is going to be difficult.  With all of these packages I will be there for your rehearsal and your wedding day.  

*My venue offers a venue coordinator do I still need a wedding planner?

     - Yes!  You do!  A venue coordinator or manager is looking out for the best interest of the venue.  They see to the tasks and details of what happens at the venue.  As a wedding planner, I see to the logistics of all of the vendors.  I am in close contact with the venue coordinator making sure all of details are carried out.

*What are your prices?
     - Package 1 starts at $1950, package 2 starts at $2450, and package 3 starts at $5450.  There is an additional fee if your wedding is on a major holiday. There is also an additional fee for an assistant if your ceremony and reception are at two separate locations and/or if your guest count is greater than 150.

*What do I do first?

     - First, we will set up a consultation.  We will talk about what package is best for you.  Once you have selected your package we will start the planning process.  This is where the fun begins!


Kim provided top notch service and was so organized and kind while doing it!  We got so many compliments after the wedding on what a phenomenal job she did.  We would recommend her to everyone!

- Melissa, mom of bride Lexi Lott

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